Sunday, 14 August 2011

Misa Hip to my Jive Collection Swatches & Review

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I got three of the six polishes from this collection in my last order; Bop Til You Drop, Catch A Flick & Pop The Clutch.
I chose those 3 because they looked the most interesting to me/ I wanted to see if CAF was a dupe for OPI Mermaid Tears

Turns out... it is, well kinda. Suffice it to say I do not recommend buying 1 if you already have the other:

Misa Catch A Flick & on middle finger OPI Mermaid Tears
A pastel-like sea-foam green creme; this was 2 coats of CAF on the index, ring & pinky & 2 coats of MT on my middle finger. As you can see Misa's formula is a shade lighter & OPI's might have a touch more blue/grey in it. Certainly not worth having both. I couldn't decide which formula I liked more. But because I have narrow nail beds I prefer the Misa brush. CAF wasn't as pigmented as most Misa's I own but in person the hint of VNL you can see in the photo wasn't obvious. If I knew they were this close I wouldn't have bothered getting it, but if you missed out on MT this one is cheaper!

Misa Pop The Clutch 2 coats

I really like Pop The Clutch. It is pretty much the best pink neutral shimmer I have. Okay I only have like 2 or 3 but I think this is quite flattering on me. Not too stark & the silvery shimmer manages to somehow give this a  yellow tint so it becomes a warm pink. It has a grey quality to it that I like too, it prevents me from feeling like an elderly lady who will only paints her nail 1 colour!

Misa Bop Til You Drop 3 coats - flash

indoor lighting, no flash

I love it! A super bright coral with shimmer that looks orangey-gold, Bop Til You Drop is certainly  a must have pedicure colour!. Excuse the dents in my first two nails, I was lying in bed with tacky nails so of course I munted them a bit!!!! As you can see from the two photos this polish can look quite radically different in different lighting situations - either a very pink coral or that orange coral. It doesn't look as orange as the non-flash photo shows it though, just my camera freaking out as it likes to do when a coral or orange says Howdy! Such a pain in the bumhol-eo. I feel like watching Beavis & Butthead Do America now!!!! Getting back to the subject though - when I first got  BTYD I swatched it on my big toe & in sunlight I was like 'Holy Smoke it's pretty much neon - it can look that bright. Not really a fall colour more of a summer but heck I'll wear it year round!!!!

I have a sneaking suspicion that BTYD is very very similar to OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster. Time will tell as I can't find any comparisons on the interwebs & my Touring America polishes probably won't turn up for another week or 2 :( I wish fast shipping to NZ was cheaper. I can never justify the expense considering I'm never hurting for polish - I have too many draw fulls to need a new one pronto!

I hope these swatches help you - I could only find 1 other blogger who had put this collection up so far. I wonder if that means everyone else has boycotted it? To be fair it kind of looks like Misa checked out everyone's spring & summer collections & made some copies! I forgot to mention formula! They were less pigmented than my other Misa lacquers. Usually I only need 2 coats,while these ones kind of hurt for 3 - or two if you don't mind VNL, and anyone who has read my blog before will know I find ignoring VNL very difficult indeed!

xxx NPA

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