Monday, 1 August 2011

Misa Soup, por favor?

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Is anyone else having just another Manic Monday?
I have some more Misa lovelies from my last couple of hauls to show you all.
The formula & application was a dream yet again - I wish they sold these in NZ!!!! But they are fairly cheap to buy online - US$3.75 + shipping - so I can't complain can I?

First Kiss
Two coats First Kiss artificial lighting

First kiss flash

This is a simple neutral pink that leans blue (the 2nd photo shows the true colour), with a kind of purple flash of shimmer in it. A nice staple & it has enough warmth in it so as not to make my hands look hideous as a lot of blue pinks tend to! Surprisingly opaque compared to what I anticipated from the bottle.

Shake It To The Samba

2 coats Shake It To The Samba in low light

From the Mardi Gras Collection this is a peach pastel creme - nearly a dead on dupe with China Glaze Peachy Keen - must do a comparison of the two for you & myself! This one is definitely my favourite though due to the formula & application. Peachy has the consistency of real water based paint & I find it a nightmare use. My camera really hates any kind of orange so it has taken all the pretty peachy pinkness out of this guy. Rest assured it is much prettier in real life.

Shop Till You Drop

2 coats STYD in sunlight

STYD in shade

I think the name of this lavender shimmer alone, makes it worth owning! Same kind of finish as First Kiss but the shimmer has a blue flash to it. Another nice staple to have in your collection. The bonus with these shades is they are very soft, feminine, work appropriate shades (perfect for Spring!!!!)& I bet you more mothers/grandmothers would be into them than your bold cremes or glitters!

Do you like?

xxxx NPA

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