Wednesday, 3 August 2011


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Even though I knew it looked dodgy I ordered some OPI polishes off a random website. They turned up today from China & they are so fake they didn't even attempt to hide it!!!!

The bottles themselves looked genuine but almost all had fake 'Funny Bunny' labels on them and the colours were not even in the same colour group as what I ordered!!!!
That being said, I actually like some of them as it turns out. Down side is based on the smell they are certainly not 3-free & take ages to fully dry :(
Does anyone know if using non 3-free polishes is actually bad for you? I wore them all the time as a kid and if they affected me at all it was only by stunting my growth upwards - didn't prevent me growing outwards!!!!

I did a skittle swatch of 10 of them so you can see what some fakies look like

Sun + flash

Shady sun?
This is what I think they are meant to be - all 3 coats
thumb-pinky: DS Coronation (3 coats), Show It & Glow It, An Affair In Red Square, Crepes Suzi-ette, Merry Midnight

The guttering part is that I really wanted almost all of these colours & they are mainly HTFs!!! The 'Coronation'  is a pretty cool silver glitter + holo top coat

'Show It & Glow It' in the bottle looked just like It's My Year but was super sheer with small glitter pieces on the nail
'An Affair In Red Square' a sheer red jelly with glitter flakes kind of like in Ali's Big Break
'Crepes Suzi-ette' just like I'm Fondue of You but creme instead of the shimmery finish
'Merry Midnight' is a winey purple creme and I likey. It might be a similar hue to Overexposed on South Beach again without the shimmer


Again 3 coats on all & pinky - thumb
OPI on Collins Ave, I Vant To Be A Lone Star, Kreme de la Kremlin, DS Treasure, Lunch At the Delhi
'OPI on Collins Ave' is just like Hot & Spicy only a bit more muted
'I Vant To Be A Lone Star' is a very sheer baby baby blue creme & so pretty!!!! I may condescend to wear it as 2 coats or see if 4 makes it look even & opaque cos it's a bit streaky here oops
'Kreme de la Kremlin' is a pinky coral creme nothing exciting, looking at it makes me go "blahhhhhhhhhhh"
'DS Treasure' is a god awful sheer orangey metallicy shimmer thing with a few bits of silver glitter in it. I wana throw it in the trash. It might look alright on top of a similar coloured opaque polish but I'm not too hopeful.
'Lunch At the Delhi' is a pretty bright pink coral that I'd totally wear

I'm pissed off and all but at the time I ordered them I knew I was probably making a mistake and I did it anyway so I can't be too angry (it would have to be at myself!!!!) Pros: They were like $7 each, I'd wear most of them. Cons: Not 3-free, STINK, stay tacky for ages, NOT WHAT WAS ADVERTISED

Where NOT to buy:
See even the website name made me think FRAUD haha. I have learned my lesson.

Has anyone else had a really bad online purchase experience? What did you do about it?


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