Wednesday, 3 August 2011

'On Wednesdays We Wear Pink' - CG 108 Degrees & OPI I Lily Love You

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Wahoo my first PW post

Close Up

 For this little beauty I slapped on 3 coats of 108 cos its a wee bit sheer, yeah? Then I rocked a thick layer of Lily Love. And to top it off 1 coat of SV
I don't love it, I don't hate it. If I were to turn back the clock I would have put a very thin coat of Lily on cos those opalescent flakes are kind big and in your face on some of my poor nails. With such a loud pink, subtlety in glitter would have yielded a far more pleasing result.

My language is a wee bit baffled today. It usually is anyway but I am particularly enamoured of Jane Austen this week - rereading Persuasion last night in fact. (Tidbit on the side: if you would like to read a bit of Jane but her novels seem a bit long, especially with all the confusing old english writing style-aka Pride & Prejudice- try Persuasion first because it's a bit shorter than the rest). Sol the point is half the things that come out of my mouth/out of my finger tips have a somewhat affected air to them. See?! You have to relearn word meanings when you read her, but thanks to the endnotes I don't need a dictionary to find out what such a word meant back in 1790s-1820. God I love Jane. Even when I thin what she's written seems to mean the complete opposite of my understanding, the romance and manners are so enchanting!!!
I hope I one day fall in love with a Captain Wentworth/Mr Darcy/Mr Knightly - oh Mr Knightly swoon!!!!!

Nighty night dear readers!


  1. Great swatches!

    I didn't realise just how amazing I Lily Love You is! Love those flakes.

    I know what you mean about Austin's language infiltrating the everyday - last time I read Pride and Prejudice I was like that too. :)

  2. P&P is my most favourite book of all time. Have you watched the BBC miniseries? I also watch that over and over, mmmm Darcy!


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