Friday, 5 August 2011

Freestyle Friday - Mint Daisy

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Hey ya'll this is my first attempt at freehand nail art since I was 12 and used bobby pins as a dotting tool. Is it still freehand if you use a dotter? Anyway here goes...

All of the photos were taken in the great outdoors. Some are a bit more sunshiney than others! I didn't do any clean-up either - my major shortcoming when it comes to posting pics!!!! I'm lazy. The 'inspiration' or should I stay template for these came from a manicure that the ladies at WAH did for Peaches Geldolf. I even used the same colours haha but I thought they looked pretty together and they did.

I used two coats of OPI Mermaid's Tears as a base. Then I used a dotting tool to do my flowers with OPI The 'It' Color & Alpine Snow. I used the bigger dotting end for the centre and a really small dotter for the petals. I did the whole middle flower of each nail first, then the yellow centres for all the border flowers and lastly the petals for all the border flowers. To finish it off I put on a layer of  Seche Vite & voila! I read on someone's blog (sorry can't remember whose) that dotting works better if you put some of the intended colour on tinfoil (like a paint palette) and dip the dotter into it as you go. Surprise, surprise it worked fantastically. If you leave your blob for a few secs on the tinfoil it kind of thickens and you end up with quicker drying and more opaque flowers. It's especially good if you're using thin polish like I was.

I was quite happy with the results especially since it was a super easy pattern & my first time!!! I didn't refer back to the WAH photo while I was doing though which might have helped me make it less uniform. I didn't think I could fit more than 5 flowers on my narrow nails, but turns out I could have. Next time I'll know better :)

Do you think it looks sehr sehr pretty & spring like? Wish it was Spring already! Next month...
Can't wait to try out something else next week!!!!!!!
xxx NPA

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