Thursday, 11 August 2011

Essie Braziliant Swatches Revisited

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Today the sun came out to play & went away & came again & went away & repeated this same pattern every half hour so I was madly dashing out to snap photos of these 3 polishes/ watching the new pup & entertaining a few preschoolers & trying to give Charlie enough attention so he doesn't get jealous of no-name.

This is the first day that I have got in to bed physically tired in a long, long time! And no-name is crying loudly about being in his crate tonight :( I can see why new mothers have a hard time Ferberising their babies! You feel so guilty!!!!  Watching the little guy & 2 little girls at the same time certainly made me think about delaying the birth of my own future babies (2 max, maybe even 1 if I can remember the pain of childbirth after baby #1).

Indoor sunlight


Indoor shade

Braziliant is truly brilliant. A super bright medium orange that leans coral, probably because it has a gorgeous coral/pink shimmer running through it. The pink shimmer is really obvious in the indoor photos. Such a summer stunner. I used 3 thin coats here but 2 was opaque. Also had on a layer of SV (because I was picking up dogs left right and centre and couldn't afford normal dry time).


outdoors - shade

Essie Super Bossa Nova is a gorgeous fuchsia (reminds me of OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia) with a slight purple-ish/blue shimmer and small flakies - I think. I'm not sure if it's glass fleck but in a creme base rather than jelly or if they are called glitter flakes. Anyways, so bright and attention grabbing - good in 2 coats. I put SV on top of this one too because I knocked the middle finger a bit while attending to the dogs and wanted to even it out rather than paint another layer of colour!


outdoors in shade

Essie Smooth Sailing is the perfect cornflower blue creme packed with silvery/white flakes of shimmer. Like Super Bossa Nova but the flakes of glitter/glass fleck are bigger and more abundant. This matches a dress of mine perfectly. The finish makes me think of Picture Polish Denim - a polish I aspire to purchase! Two coats again - I don't think I used SV - but I might have, it looks super shiny so I probably did :p

These summer shimmers had fabulous formulas - richly pigmented, on the thicker side & very workable with good brushes that fan out well on my nail. Highly recommend these 3 shades!

Can't wait for another day of puppy love!

xxx NPA

P.S. Super Bossa Nova counts as Pink Wednesday for this week since I forgot yesterday/didn't have enough time.

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