Tuesday, 16 August 2011

CND Perfectly Bare Color & Effect Swatch

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Brrrrrrrrrr, it's cold in here. There must be an Antartic chill in the air.
I have never been so cold in Auckland in my life! It's kind of nice/we don't get to enjoy the snow so I'd like the sunshine to come back now please! I'm quite jealous that Wellington has so much snow!!!!

I bought CND The Look Spring/Summer 2011 which came with Perfectly Bare - a beige creme nude & co-ordinating shimmer/sparkle effect. This is the first CND I've ever tried so I was excited and had high hopes.
So what did I think?

The pics were taken indoors, without flash with 1 coat colour & one coat effect.

I like it - incredibly pigmented & opaque - a one coater! Perfectly Bare is a beige with a hint of pink in it. I wouldn't recommend it to people with yellow undertones. I've got a bit more warmth in my skin but my mum's completely olive and it was pretty unflattering. The brush was a bit iffy, felt like it was a bit stiff. The formula was pretty darn thick, but the cap wasn't screwed on tightly enough & a bit of my colour bottle leaked in transit so, it might not be an accurate example of the polish formula. The effect is a slightly milky transparent shimmer with little irregular shaped opalescent flecks.It helps to soften the starkness of the beige (only because it is completely opaque unlike most nudes!!!!).

I will definitely be buying more CNDs in the future. I used to be put off by the 0.33 oz bottles but now I know they are 1 coaters I won't mind spending the money!

xxx NPA

P.S. Does anyone have any favourite CNDs to recommend?


  1. It's such a pretty color, I love the shimmer, and it's one-coater - great! :)

  2. Yeah I'm thinking about getting more of their effects - the shimmer and sparkle ones sound pretty good. They have just put out a pink duo for breast cancer - only US$10 on www.nailsupplies.us


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