Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Piper Polish Lime Green Dream

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I got myself a lime green dream!


Lime Green Dream is a minty green linear holo with a strong golden/lime green flash. Application was great. I did get a little bit of cuticle drag going on, but that's only because I didn't let it dry between coats. Two coats gave decent coverage.

LGD pleasantly surprised me. It didn't really look like it was going to be my kind of colour, so I just bought a mini; but I think it's actually pretty awesome. I like breaking the mould every once and a while.

The one negative (I always manage to think of a negative don't I?!), is the the lacquer base smells horrendous. It must have changed since my last Piper Polish order, because this one makes me feel nauseated. I held my hands well away from my face and breathed through my mouth!! The smell didn't fade quickly either. Next time I wear it, I'll be applying it in a well ventilated space.

You can pick up your own Piper Polish here

I'm a bit brief today, feeling like balls! Stupid cold!!!!



  1. The green and holo shimmer is so gorgeous! It's too bad it smells so horrible though - as if normal nail polish wasn't unpleasant enough :p At least the shade more than makes up for it! :)

  2. I am loving this green!!! I want it!


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