Monday, 6 August 2012

The Nail Junkie: Official announcement of "THE NAIL JUNKIE ANIMALS ... + GIVEAWAY

Pin It The Nail Junkie: Official announcement of "THE NAIL JUNKIE ANIMALS ...: I am pleased to announce the release of my third polish line: THE NAIL JUNKIE  ANIMALS POLISH LINE The line is made up of...

She's back with another new collection - what a machine! This time it's animal print-esque! Loving the inspiration and it really does translate to the nail.

Aleta's got swatches for us too. I'm liking the middle 3, but Snake looks wicked bumpy at 2 coats so I'm thinking layer it! It's also got a really camo feel to it - yes please! The fish and the bee are super cute/cool. I can't say I'm feeling the flamingo or the tiger but there will be plenty who do!

So go have a gawk and sign up for the giveaway while you're at it!!!


  1. wow they all look soo awesome I love the animal theme : )

  2. Her collections are always so adorable--I can't wait to see these! :)


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