Monday, 6 August 2012

BYS Black and Gold: Kiwi Olympians

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We've had a pretty decent run this week at the Olympics. While we can't match Great Britain's golden hour, we had our own on the water at Eton Dorney on Friday - with 3 very deserving men winning gold in the men's pair and single sculls!!! Mahe Drysdale and the pairing of Hamish Bond & Eric Murray are all multiple world champs and now they finally have the Olympic gold to be undisputed champs!!!
It's very sweet too because earlier in the week fellow kiwi rower and romantic partner to Drysdale, Julliette Haigh; won bronze in the Women's Pair!

I saw Anneke's post with Olympic nails and thought I'd better show you my version!

It's simple: our colours are black and silver, but no more. We're black and gold baby (and maybe a little bronze)!

Yeah, I couldn't put on the polish without this song raging in my head!!! A good one too, except that the radio stations thrashed the heck out of it!!!

BYS Black and Gold




Black and Gold is a stunningly opaque black with yellow gold irregular glitter. I actually just thought it was gold micro glitter until I saw the photos and realised that the glitter was flaked in random sized pieces and my heart soared!

This was pretty good at 1 thick coat but I did 2 thin ones out of habit. It's got a thick but very spreadable formula which was a breeze to apply, but holy heck did it stink!!!! I actually had to keep my hands away from my face - for ages after it had dried!!! I can deal with most chemical smells but this one made me nauseated!
So use a well ventilated space and put a top coat on asap to prevent the stink from causing you to dry wretch :)

How are your countries doing at the Olympic games? What has been the best medal yet?



  1. OMG I need this! I LOVE IT!! I'm going online to see where I can purchase it. I know you have it for the Olympics, but I'm a New Orleans Saints fan so this is right up my alley. :) Thanks for posting this!

    1. awesome, glad to have given you a lemming!

  2. This is just lovely & your pics are awesome

  3. BYS sure do have so hidden gems in their collection. I like this one :)

    1. i know!! I was kind of surprised because so many of their colours are average! I wish Ulta3 would start selling in NZ! Their polishes look pretty amazing!

  4. Oh my god. I need this polish in my life! stunning!

  5. This is how far behind I am in reading the blogs I love... So I know it's late, but thanks for the mention :D Study break now, so going to try to catch up!


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