Thursday, 16 August 2012

Layering with Dollish Polish Lipstick around your Dipstick & Nostalgic Lacquer Angela

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I have 2 awesome indies for you today!

(I really need to get back to some mainstream brands, all the China Glaze Summer Neons and On Safari polishes are screaming out for swatching, but I just can't tear myself away from the indies right now!!!)

Dollish Polish Lipstick around your Dipstick



Lipstick around your Dipstick is a red glass fleck shimmer. The shimmer has a pink/gold duochrome going on so LAYD is a chameleon!!! It constantly looks different when the lighting changes; sometimes think it's pink, then almost a coral or a really orange toned red. It's freaking fabulous!!
It was overcast so my camera picked up the orange tones a lot more, but trust me, it looks pinker in person.
The formula is also way better than the other Dolly Does Polish Collection polishes I have. It dries quicker and there are no issues with bits of unmixed pigment floating around the bottle! I used 3 coats for this swatch, but 2 coats gives great coverage.
Hands down, my favourite of the collection.

Dolly just had a restock today, and there are still some of LAYD available (and the rest of the DDP collection), as well as Team Salvatore & 3 Best Friends That Anyone Ever Had.

I wanted to try out my Nostalgic Lacquers and I thought LAYD would be an awesome vase for Angela!

Nostalgic Lacquer Angela over LAYD



Angela is the shiz! It's got a sheer pinky red jelly base with a mix of red, orange and pink glitters. See why I thought it'd be perfect for LAYD?!
I put two coats over LAYD for this look. Application is ok, I didn't need to dab any glitters on or anything. The problem though, is the reflective curling the square glitters have going on. The small pink ones don't really cause any problems because with 1 layer of top coat they lay flat. The larger red squares though curl a bit more and if they don't sit on your nail curled side down, you need at least 2 layers of a thick top coat to stop them from poking through!!!

I really wish the squares didn't curl but that is the nature of those thicker glitters. I think every indie polish I own with red square glitter in it has the same issue.

I didn't want to take this mani off!  But it was a day of power swatching (when I finally had a free time window during the day!) so I will have to bring back this combo in the near future :)

Did you manage to get any DP in this restock? Hare Polish and Girly Bits had restocks today too so make sure you stop on by before they are all snatched up!



  1. What a pretty combination! This reminds me of Pahlish Fire in the Taco Bell! The squares in that curled a little too, pesky little red squares!!

    1. it does have a bit of a FITTB look to it!!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the glass fleck in LAYD, it's so pretty. The layering combination is perfect too, I see why didn't want to take it off!

  3. Love the 2 polishes!


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