Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cry Me A River... cry, cry, cry, cry... (and KB Shimmer Berry Patch)

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Two big things happened today.
One amazing. One horrible.

Which do you want to hear about first?

The AMAZING one?

Well, the Sparkly Vernis and I are doing a swap and her package turned up super, duper speedy! My flatmate left this huge bubble mailer outside my door this morning. I thought it must be an Etsy order I'm waiting on, but lo and behold, Sparkly's package had flown all the way from Cali to Chch within a week!!!!!!

And she spoiled me rotten! I'm more rotten than ever before. It's like my birthday and Christmas and a wedding and an anniversary worth of awesomeness! So yeah, there are now stink waves radiating off me, jealous????

Dude surprised me with a CG Boundless Color flakie!!!! That sh**'s insane! I should really take a photo of all this stuff tomorrow, so you can see how crazy it is.

This is my first swap and I'm so stoked with the whole experience.

Now, for the bad news:
Drum roll please? Brrrrrrbrbrrrrrrbrrrrrrbrrrr (drum roll sounds?? use your imagination a little)...

I erased 4GB worth of swatches (and a few personal pics - mainly of my dog :) ) from my SD card while trying to transfer them onto my computer.

WTF?!  FML and other acronyms involving curse words.

I had about 20 brand new polishes swatched on that bad boy, that I spent the last week ruining my nails for!!! You have no idea how p-o'd I am.

So yeah, I'm crying myself a river upon which to row down. Maybe I'll widdle the row boat and oars out of the huge tree by my driveway that keeps scratching my car?


Ok, I just looked over at my Sparkly stash, so there's a smile on my dial again :)

For surviving all that, I have for you - fresh off my nails:

KB Shimmer Berry Patch



 Berry Patch is a milky semi-sheer pale pink with red, rose, fuchsia, holo silver and blue glitter.

I especially like the teeny tiny red glitter! And it really does look berry-licious! I applied 3 coats of BP and 1 coat of Aqua Daisy Glitter Gloss. The formula is a little thin, so the bigger blue glitters tend to drip off  the brush before you get it out of the neck of the bottle! I stopped wiping the excess off the brush in the end and used thicker coats to get a better glitter pay-off.

BP is a really pretty polish, fun and girly and I think I'll be reaching for it in Spring/Summer for sure!

I hope you have a great weekend. I might just be spending tomorrow with my head down swatching like the wind!!!!!



  1. Every time I think about this I wanna cry a little for you!!! On a brighter note, this polish is ssoooo pretty. On a not so bright note... You have given me a ginormous earworm!!! :/

  2. What's the brand of your SD card? There are softwares that can recover the files for you.
    Go to - digital memory card recovery, pick 'photo rescue to' or 'image recall' and you can find them back! You have a lot of otpions! ;-)
    I absolutely loved the polish!
    Hope you can get your pics back!

    That's another on my boyfriend just told me... don't do anything else with your card, you can get all your data back! ;-)

  4. Oh no!! I'm sorry to hear that! I've also heard from my bf that when things are deleted they are not totally erased. I don't know how to recover the data, but I hope there's a way out there! I love the polish btw! Very cute!

  5. Sorry to hear about the SD card! One the bright side- your nails look gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing your new flakie :)

  6. Eeek sorry about your SD card! I'd be gutted too :( I love your swatch of Berry Patch though! I love the big blue hexes. I love getting pleasantly surprised with packages, esp. considering living in NZ is kind of like living out in the sticks :P What Etsy shop did you purchase from? I've been dying to get some Indie polishes off there but am I am super worried about shipping costs/shipping to NZ in general...

  7. OMG, I feel so bad for you:( That would suck!!!! The good news is, you have some really cool polish on your nails!?

  8. NOOOOOOO!!! That sucks!! So sorry that you lost all of that.

  9. OMG-I feel so bad for you! Losing that much memory-I'm way too paranoid and I transfer after each mani so if that happens I just lose the one. I wish I could tell you how to recover it-maybe there is a way-call some computer stores-I'm told that even when you delete, the stuff is still there! I have done several amazing swaps-just be careful who you swap with-there are horror stories out there as well!

  10. Omg that's terrible!! I'm so sorry!! I'm glad you got a great swap package and that polish looks amazing! Hugs


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