Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dollish Polish Purple Haze + Bundle Monster Stamping

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I meant to add these photos of the stamping I did over Purple Haze to yesterday's post but I had a mere forgot!

I got the 2012 Bundle Monster plates a month ago (again in my Welcome Home nail mail) and I have only tried them a couple of times out of laziness!
This is my proudest stamping moment to date!!! Only 1 screw up which you can see for yourself.

I used China Glaze Passion + BM 323 for the roses.

I love how this looked in person - I really didn't want to take it off and I got comments about it!

Have you got the BM plates yet?

They can be purchased HERE for US$21.99



  1. I love this! I have a BM plate with a rose just like these (BM14) but it's not quite as big as yours. I'm still going to try it though.

    1. Ooohh good to know, I don't have the first set of BM plates, just the 200 and 300s

  2. This is beautiful! I just adore these gold roses over purple flecked background :)

    1. yeah they go together really well! Probably my proudest stamp yet!!!


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