Saturday, 4 August 2012

OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It - I'm trying so hard to love you!

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It's true, I've been trying my darnedest to love It's Totally Fort Worth It since the beginning of 2011.
Alas, wanting to feel a certain way and the way I truly feel, are basically mutually exclusive.

OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It over Revlon Winter Mist

It's just so damned sheer!!!! I have to ask, who the heck suits a sheer grey? I saw all the swatches of OPI My Pointe Exactly and absolutely NO ONE pulled it off on its own. It just gave them zombie hands!!! And ITFWI needs at least 4 coats to cover VNL, so I used a light grey creme for a base and 2 coats of ITFWI for the photo above.

I love how pretty the pink/blue flakes of shimmer look and I almost don't mind the brush stroke look, but it still doesn't knock my socks off :)

I won't be getting rid of it any time soon either, but it's only mediocre in my books. I hate being so negative about a polish but I give plenty of good reviews so I suppose you've earned this one!

I did a little bit of glitter layering when I wore this mani so here are those steps:

With a layer of Nubar White Polka Dot it looks like a snowy sky!

The Black Polka Dot kind of gives a dirty snow scum look, but I do love my black glitter!!!

I shall return with a happier post soon!



  1. Meh- I agree. I have 'My Pointe Exactly' and I wondered why I purchased it. It definitely has to be layered and/or used with nail art. I saw one mani of it that I liked and I bought it. Oh well. I'm thinking I might make a a sheer sami out of it: dark color, glitter, lt grey.

    1. Yea I've seen it look good when there's sandwich or layering action going on!

  2. It looks pretty on you, but I agree definitely not one of my favorites! The jellies were the star of the Texas collection for sure =)

    1. yes they were! And I love that OPI finally releasing some jellies started a jelly craze in the industry!! And got everybody sandwiching!

  3. I love this Black Polka Dot... it fits well with this polish... amazing!
    Esmaltes, Make-up & Cia.

    1. Thanks, but could you please leave links out of the comments? You can email me any links you would like me to check out though, thanks

  4. I'm sure there are people out there who love their sheer colors-weirdos!


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