Friday, 31 August 2012

Enchanted Polish Hey Jude - hey hey pretty multi chrome holo!

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Hey guys,

I've been absent the last few days due to illness :( I had a crappy cold, took a couple days off work and now am feeling a lot better!

And my comeback mani? Enchanted Polish's HEY JUDE from The Beatles Collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enchanted Polish Hey Jude

Hey Jude is a green-purple multichrome linear holographic. And it's seriously WOW! One of the stand outs of Indie Polish 2012!!!!
The green is so bright, it shifts down to a bronze/gold which in turn shifts to a plum purple; all the while glowing with rainbow sparkles. Also, it's a two coat wonder without brush stroke issues. My photos were all taken under my lamp so I struggled to get clear photos of the green and purple extremes but parts of my nails show them above.

Hey Jude is my favourite Enchanted Polish thus far. It'll take something pretty spectacular to take his place, I tell ya.

Anyone else a Jude groupie?



  1. Waaaah! I am! I'm a groupie! Love that!

  2. Totally a jude groupie, in fact it's tomorrows post :) I could not stop staring at it the whole time I was wearing it!! LOVE


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