Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pink Wednesday: KB Shimmer Cheerleader

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Ahoy-hoy ladies,

I feel the need, the need to post a Pink Wednesday. Even though I'm an hour in to Thursday.

Has anyone else noticed that I've featured an awful lot of pink polishes lately? I must be going through a girly phase!! My 'ugly' coloured lacquers haven't appealed to me at all :(

On with the PINK

KB Shimmer Cheerleader


Cheerleader is part of the Clique Collection. It's a mix of white, blue, purple and pink matte hex glitter in a pink (bordering on fuchsia) jelly base. It's certainly girlish.

While I'm not crazy about Cheerleader, it has a great formula. The glitter is well suspended (I did not even have to shake the bottle) in the thick base and it applies like a dream; reaching full coverage in 2 coats.
I needed 2 layers of top coat for optimal smoothness and shine. For these photos I used 1 cost of Aqua Daisy Glitter Gloss.

What clique were you a part of in high school? Did you have 'cliques' or were there simply 'cooler' and 'nerdier' groups of friends like at my school?



  1. This is so pretty! i am loving the glitters in it and I am a huge fan of pink too!

  2. This is really pretty and cute!


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