Sunday, 26 August 2012

KB Shimmer Elle

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It's Sunday yet again, but I'm kind of happy to be going back to work tomorrow. Strange, I know, but I'm enjoying my job :)

Elle is from the KB Shimmer Circus Collection and sadly, she has been discontinued :(

KB Shimmer Elle over China Glaze Pelican Gray



Elle (short for elephant) is a sheer grey jelly with different sized pink, white and silver holo hex and square glitter. This is one of the polishes I lost the original swatches of on my SD card. The first time I wore it alone, and needed 3 coats and still had VNL which looked a bit gross because grey just makes my nails look more yellowed!  For the reswatch I chose to layer 2 coats of Elle over Pelican Gray (a light grey with subtle shimmer). I loved the way it looked layered! The glitter is well suspended in the jelly base and application is easy peasy! I only had to fiddle with the position of a couple of the glitters because they were sticking out from my free edge. I topped Elle off with 1 layer of Glitter Gloss for the photos, but an extra layer of top coat would have been optimal.

That brings an end to my KBs! And I'm putting myself on a no buy for as long as possible so chances are there won't be any more for a looooooooooonnnggggggg time :(

Best wishes for the week ahead,



  1. GAH My favorite swatch of Elle yet!! Great job, my "no buy" does not thank you ;)

  2. Ahhh, Elle is on my wishlist. I love her. These swatches look great:)

  3. This is so pretty! I really love how unique the color is.

  4. Where can i buy this as im in UK and kbt shimmer dont post out

    1. Harlow & Co will ship to you. Spend $50 and get free shipping! They don't carry the full range of course, but you get the newest collections for sure


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