Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cloud Mani : part deux

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Hello again ladies,

How are your weekends treating you all? Here's what my left hand looked like yesterday.




I had these pics saved to the camera's internal memory rather than an SD card like the right hand pics and was way too lazy last night to locate the cable to upload them onto my comp; thus the split post.

I got way better cloud shapes on this hand - probably because I'm right handed!!! And the polish looks smooth hooray! I'm a bit gutted that it wasn't sunny though, because the silver base is a really fine holo silver glitter and whenever I wear it the sun refuses to play!!!!! I'm determined to get good pics of it eventually!

So do you like hand or the blue one better?

Just to remind you, I achieved this look by following Jane's tutorial HERE

Layering Order

1x Butter London Flawless Nail Foundation
2x Dollish Polish Millennium Falcon
1x NYX Girl Algae
1x ChG Sugar High
1x Orly Sec N Dry



  1. This is SUCH a pretty color combination! I've been meaning to try out Jane's "cloud" mani for ages but just haven't had the time!

  2. wow, that's a super gorgeous mani!! Wish I could have your skill ^^

    1. Haha I have no skill! Just check out the tutorial it's pretty fool-proof

  3. I am loving this!!! SO pretty!


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