Saturday, 18 February 2012

A England Iseult

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How are all you lovely ladies today?

As my nails are still nubbin-like I chose a super soft pink to wear. A England Iseult from The Mythicals collection.

Iseult - 3 coats - sunshine

Iseult - 3 coats - shade

Iseult is a very pale pink with a subtle shimmer. It's pretty but takes about 3 coats to get it all even and opaque. Two is plenty though, if you like a semi sheer finish.

I wanted to dull down the whiteness and make my mani a little prettier so I added a coat of Barry M Lavender Hexograms.

Lavender Hexograms - 1 coat over Iseult - sunshine

Lavender Hexograms - 1 coat over Iseult - shade

I love Lavender Hexograms because not only is is square lavender glitter, there's also silver micro-glitter that somehow softens the squares, making it ultra wearable. LOVE.

I topped it al off with a layer of INM Out the Door top coat :)

Have a great weekend guys



  1. love the pairing, so feminine!

  2. That shimmer is really pretty!

  3. Usually not a really big fan of squared glitter, but this one looks really nice :)
    And Iseult, of course, looks pretty as well!


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