Friday, 24 February 2012

A Hell of a Spell, Elle

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I just like rhymes. Not even good ones, clearly, any old rhyme elicits a chuckle... sad I know.

Since has been selling Barielle I've been trying to get my hands on Elle's Spell from the Holiday Hustle collection of 2010. I just kept selling out! One day it'd be in my cart and then when I'd go to actually buy it, it'd be sold out again!

I finally succeeded in purchasing it and it was well worth the wait!

Elle's Spell - 1 coat over Red-ical Gypsy - sunlight

Elle's Spell - 1 coat over Red-ical Gypsy - shade

Elle's Spell - 1 coat over Red-ical Gypsy - white light
Elle's Spell is a dark bloody-wine jelly with red to green flakies. It's opaque in about 3 coats but I chose to layer it over Color Club Red-ical Gypsy because I don't want it running out anytime soon!!!!! It applies pretty evenly for a jelly too! The flakes mainly show a colour change from red-orange to yellow to green. But every now and then you catch them looking slightly blue! In the last photo you can see the blue in the lower left side of the bottle!!!

To die for! No jokes! I have no idea why people were disappointed in this polish when it came out?!!! I just adore it. Officially my favourite flakie - even beats out the beautiful Speciallita Hits Mundo de Dancas line.

Do you feel the same way?



  1. Love it! I like how the flakies look against a vampy red! Almost like they are glowing :D

    1. totally! I barely ever wear vampy colours either cos my nails always look to short. perfect timing!

  2. I'm so craving this! But as you say, it's very hard to get! Oh, well I'll just have to keep on hoping to get lucky!


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