Saturday, 4 February 2012

Upcoming Collections

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Hey Ladies,

I'm a bit lazy with posting about upcoming polish collections. I follow so many nail blogs that I feel like I see the same press releases so many times, I can never be bothered to post about them myself. However, I know some of my readers will have no clue what's coming up, so here's a sneak peek at what the big wigs have planned for the first half of 2012:

SPRING: Capitol Colors - inspired by and to coincide with the cinematic release of The Hunger Games

SUMMER: Summer Neons - look boring, I feel like ChG has done these colours all before, but if the formulas are better than standard neons I'm in!

FALL?:  On Safari looks promising with the glitters, but based on the promo shots there's some plummy purples that I swear we just got last year!
SPRING: Holland Collection, every polish is a win, chunky & fine shimmers, vivid and dusty cremes and a vampy purple - something for everyone

SPRING/SUMMER: NYC Ballet is the latest edition to the soft shades sect. They might surprise in person, will have to wait and see...

SPRING: A Spring To Invest In - pretty pastels and brights. The green looks a bit special.
SPRING: Go Overboard - I love Essie's small releases, Armed & Ready looks AMAZE and the cremes are gorgeous.

SUMMER: Resort 2012 - these look alright...

There they are. I think the 2 Essies Spring collections are already out overseas and the OPI & China Glaze Spring Collections are due out Feb, maybe March for the ChG...

Hope you appreciate the update!



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