Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sunset Sail-ing, I wish

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Today was GLORIOUS!

So sunny. Had brunch with my Amy and shopped! What more can a girl ask for?!
A scrummy dinner with not 1 but 2 desserts at Grandma's!!!! The food is never fancy but it's always delish! I think it's a Nana thing, my other one's the same; they just know how to cook to please :)

Now I'm tucking myself up in bed - after Buster had a good long pull at my hair in order to remove my hair-tie. It's become a real habit for him, gggrrrrrrr.

I couldn't sleep last night so I painted my nails. I got complimented on this mani too so I had to show you!! (Shop assistants are the best!)

Sunset Sail -3 coats with Solar Flare tips - sun

Sunset Sail -3 coats with Solar Flare tips - sun

Sunset Sail -3 coats with Solar Flare tips - sun
 So this is China Glaze Sunset Sail (Anchor's Away Collection 2011). A pretty pastel peach with subtle shimmer, it takes 3 coats to get an opaque, non-streaky finish. It's worth it very much so! I painted the tips of my nails with ChG Solar Flare to add some excitement to this delicate base. There isn't anywhere near enough clear base in SF so the hexes end up jam packed on your nails; thus I ended up with more gold than I wanted but it still looked cool. I topped it off with two coats of Seche Vite to make it ultra smooth and shiny.

Don't mind the tip wear. I took these photos towards the end of the day, after I'd been biting and picking at my fingers for hours. Moving nerves, I guess...

I took some pics of my baby boys in the backyard today. I have to leave my Buster with Mum for the year, while I'm at uni :( No flats allow animals, sucks! I'm taking as many photos as possible to moon over in Christchurch!

Buster trying to pull a Ponytail Palm leaf off the plant

Successful Buster chewing on his prize

Whyd'ya keep taking photos Mum? I just want to chew in peace and quiet.

Me trying to get a photo of Buster looking at the camera... Instead it's just me and he's squirming to get away. BTW I'm not pouting in this pic!!! I swear! It's just the way my hair's in front of my mouth that gives the pout impression!!!

Mum's good boy Charlie only needs one snap to look picture perfect!!!!!
Buster didn't want a bar of me during the photo shoot. I could barely even get him to look at me. The Ponytail Palm was WAY more interesting. Charlie on the other hand looked up at me as soon as I called him, looking right at the camera. Ah, what an ANGEL and he's looking smart because he was just groomed! Sadly he's not mine. I managed to land myself a very cute TERROR!!!

I'm leaving in 2 days and am not at all organised!!!
I need to pack my room up already!!!! One can only procrastinate for so long :)

Hope you're all having super cool weekends with painted nails!



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