Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cloud Mani

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Hey guys,

Last night I tried Nailside's Cloud Manicure tutorial for the first time.
For me it's a wee bit special to actually try some nail art, no matter how basic haha!!

I tried out a different colour combination on both hands. Right now here's my right hand:

Sorry about the state of my cuticles and the general gross skin around my nails!! Not good! Very hard to remove glitter with a normal cleanup brush as it turns out!

I forgot how hard it is to take photos with my left hand! I must start swatching my right hand more for practice!

So my right hand is the glittery shiny one - I actually painted it second (the left hand was done using all creme polish). I started off with 2 coats of ChG Meteor Shower as a base, then 1 layer of ChG Millennium and finally 2 coats of Barry M Blue Glitter. Blue Glitter actually looked really nice next to my skin and has a great dense formula to boot. I'm a new Barry M fan if you can't tell :p

It was a bit of a mistake to put a chrome like Millennium on top of a gritty glitter without using top coat to smooth it first, but lesson learned. It's all trial and error after all!

The tutorial is foolproof - though Jane's clouds look so much better than mine!!! I had a little difficulty forming my cloud shapes ( the puffy bits), they are no way near as defined as I'd like, but I will keep practicing because they look so cool!!!

My friend popped round just after I'd finished this hand and she thought they were awesome, so I'll be wearing this again soon for the compliments alone!!!!

Ooohhh so many colour combinations I want to try!!!!

What do you think? Have you tried out the freehand clouds yet? What colour combination do you want to see next?!


Layering Order

1x Butter London Nail Foundation
2x China Glaze Meteor Shower
1x China Glaze Millennium
2x Barry M Blue Glitter
1x Orly Sec 'N Dry


  1. I have been wanting to try this too after seeing how easy she makes it look, yours
    Came out really nice great job!

  2. This is really great! Can't wait to see more!

  3. amazing, simply manicure! :)


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