Sunday, 19 February 2012

Follow Me via Networked Blogs or Email

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Hey guys,

since GFC is disappearing soon for non-Blogger users, I've added a couple of new ways to follow NPA:

Networked Blogs - I don't really know anything about NB but you can follow me this way by clicking on the widget on my sidebar. Lots of other blogs seem to have added it as an option so I followed suit, Baaa, baaaa!

Via Email - simple enough, I think you just enter your email address and you get an email with each new post, very easy.

You can also follow me on Facebook - just 'like' NPA & you'll get updates on your news feed.

If you use Blogger, no worries GFC remains!

I wanted to add Bloglovin' but I changed the name and url of NPA a while ago and its mucked up the feed burner or something so Bloglovin' can't find NPA and I'm not sure how to fix it :( So sorry guys.

I'm also not a Twitter fan - mainly because I already had a FB when Twitter became big and just didn't want to learn how to use another social networking site! Plus 'Tweets' just give me the creeps! And I don't post status updates 24/7 so I really don't see the point of it. Not to hate on all you twitter users or anything.... woops!

So I hope you find some way to stick around everyone!

Up to 173 followers via GFC, so I feel very special! Thanks for the love. There will have to be a fan appreciation giveaway sometime soon, methinks :)


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