Monday, 6 February 2012

Dollish Polish Mythical Creatures

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Hello Ladies!

Anyone gutted the Patriots didn't pull off the win today?!
Ha, I can't be too gutted since I don't follow NFL but Tom Brady is a hotty...

Last night I painted my nails with Claire's Mood polish in Peaceful/Confident and then layered Dollish Polish Travellin' The Nile over it. They looked so gorgeous, alas I didn't get any pics before a broken nail forced me to abandon mani for a file down :(
Needless to say, teal & blue glitter on a teal base looks AMAZE!!

A shop assistant told me she loved my polish too! I love it when that happens!

To make up for not getting any photos of it here is the Mythical Creatures set Dolly makes.

Dragon's Breath - 3 coats - sunshine

Dragon's Breath - 3 coats - sunshine
Dragon's Breath is a gorgeous tangerine (Dolly describes it as a burnt orange/coral and TBH it probably isn't as bright as tangerine but I don't think it's coral) jelly filled with holo glitter. The glitter looks orange and gold when the light isn't hitting it - gorgeous. It's a bit unique methinks!! It needs 3 coats to get a good coverage and the formula is great.

Mermaid Scales - 3 coats - overcast

Mermaid Scales - 3 coats - shade

Mermaid Scales - 3 coats - shade

Mermaid Scales is a deep ocean teal tinted base containing cyan, blue and green glitter as well as medium iridescent hexagon glitters. Truly a beauty. And it does remind me of a mermaid's tail!!! At 3 coats the coverage is perfect. Applies nicely, no problems with getting the hex onto the nail. Makes me want to watch The Little Mermaid again! Under the sea, under the sea, darling it's  better, down where it's wetter, take it from me!

Pegasus Wings - 2 coats - shade

Pegasus Wings - 2 coats over I heart Jake Ryan - sunshine

Pegasus Wings - 2 coats over I heart Jake Ryan - shade

Pegasus Wings is a lavender glitter in a clear base. The small and medium hex is also holographic! It's not really dense enough to be worn alone but layered it looks beautiful! I'm wearing it over Dolly's I <3 Jake Ryan - a pale lilac? shimmer. Nice formula, no problem with placing the hexes.

Pixie Dust - 1 coat over OPI Black Onyx - overcast

Pixie Dust - 1 coat over OPI Black Onyx -shade
Pixie Dust is a shimmery iridescent glitter colour shift top coat. I shifts from blurple (violet/indigo colour) to teal/cyan and pink. I love, love, love the glitter because it glows a different colour to the colour shift, making it even more exciting and pretty! I really does feel a bit like fairy magic.

Here it is layered over a few other bases:

Pixie Dust - 1 coat over purple shimmer - shade

Here I'm wearing it over a Depend purple shimmer - the number of which I do not know because my polishes are packed up in boxes ready for my move next week :( - and it pretty much just looks cyan with iridescent glitter.

Pixie Dust - 1 coat over Orly Royal Navy - shade

Pixie Dust - 1 coat over Orly Royal Navy -sunshine

Pixie Dust - 1 coat over Orly Royal Navy - overcast

Over Orly Royal Navy it is so so so so so gorgeous. This combo was Dolly's idea so she's basically a genius! In the sunlight and overcast pics you can see it's shifting from cyan to pink - wowza!

Mythical Creatures is sold as a set of 4 in either 5mL or 15mL bottles for $16/$32 respectively.
Head over to the Dollish Polish store on Etsy NOW!

Dolly has just released these brand new polishes too - can't wait for them to arrive and let the swatching begin!!!!

I'm absolutely gagging for Zombie Flesh! I adore these fugly shades, it really looks like rotting flesh, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love me some Vampire Diaries and multi-coloured chunky glitter too!!! Jean-Claude is a beautiful sapphire blue glitter mmmmmmmm.

She just gets better and better!



  1. Hmm.. not sure if my comment got through... But I love these swatches! Pixie Dust looks so amazing! Team Salvatore looks pretty promising too! :))

    1. well this comment did! I've never seen a red black and silver glitter all in one before so I'm quite excited!!! I love all the square glitter Dolly's starting to use too

  2. Pixie Dust looks pretty! And NY Giants RULE! Sorry I had to do that! I'm a die hard giants fan!

  3. These are beautiful swatches! mermaid scales is beautiful!

  4. wow I need Pixie Dust and pegasus wings so bad! All these polishes popping up on Etsy are so not good for my wallet :(


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