Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday Spam

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You may have seen on Facebook already, but the winner of the 25th B'day Giveaway is Kelly Graham. Congrats Kelly! She has claimed the $25 voucher for Harlow & Co.

Thanks for all the support guys, it was great reading through what you all did for your last b'days! For everyone who had to cook dinner for their family, I sincerely hope that this year your husbands/children put in some effort and either cook for you or take you out for tea!!!!

Got some swatch spam for you today, enjoy.

Happy Hands Banana Stand

 Banana Stand is from the Arrested Development inspired I've Made A Huge Mistake Collection. AD just happens to be one of my all time favourite TV series, so this collection is a massive hit in my opinion! Banana Stand is a banana yellow creme with brown, green and yellow matte glitter. The application is alright, just 2 coats for evenness and opacity (thought I think I used 3 for these photos), but it dries very textured. I needed some Glitter Gloss and SV to get it near smooth. There's always money in the Banana Stand!

 Pahlish Eight Maids A Milking

 Eight Maids A Milking is obviously from the Twelve Days of Christmas Collection. A pale pink crelly base with fine flaked pink glitter (that doesn't really sparkle) and pink, berry and purple glitter. It'd make a good layering polish, but on its own I needed 3 coats for full coverage. Application was ok, but it dries a bit textured too, so thick topcoat is a must. I added a pink sparkly top coat when I wore this and it looked fantastic!

Pahlish Five Golden Rings

 Five Golden Rings is another of the Twelve Days of Christmas releases from the genius that is Pahlish. It appears to have a very dark green toned brown base and is absolutely stacked with irregular gold flake glitter. AMAZING!!!! It looks perfect at two coats and only requires one layer of top coat. This is one of my favourite finishes and I adore browns with green undertones, so it is win win WIN for me!

Happy Hands I Am Jack's Broken Heart

 I Am Jack's Broken Heart is a pretty red violet filled with fine purple flakes and a mixture of purple glitters (some holographic). Pretty spectacular really! It is part of the Cult Favourites Collection. This however is another lacquer that dries bumpy and requires at least 2 layers of thick top coat. The application was alright though, this was 2-3 coats.

Daring Digits Snowed In

Snowed In is a white crelly with blue and white hexagonal glitter. This was part of the Daring Digits Holiday Collection.  just love me a white crelly!!!!! After 3 thin coats I still had slight VNL, but it looked fine. Though it dries with a little texture, one layer of Glitter Gloss sorted it out.

I have at least two other white crelly DDs to try, yay! I picked up 19 9mL bottles in her January sale...

I hope your weekends are treating you right, now I must get back to the books :(


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