Tuesday, 26 March 2013

China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On with Happy Hands Motherboy

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As far as I'm concerned these are the two greatest polishes since sliced bread.
And when I say something is the best thing since sliced bread, I mean it.

Do you know how difficult I find it, slicing a loaf of bread? Long story short, it looks like a rat has chewed the slices apart...

China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On & Happy Hands Motherboy

Keep Calm, Paint On is a fabulous pastel mint shimmer. The shimmer is fairly subtle and kind of pearly white. The best part about KCPO is that the mint leans slightly more yellow than blue, so it doesn't look gross on me and I ain't got no lobster hands, yeyeah!
The formula is kinda crappy though, just like Mimosas Before Manis. I thinned this out in anticipation, so I managed only two medium coats.

I had intended on putting Motherboy on all my nails, but I liked KCPO so much that I only ended up using it for an accent on my thumbs and ring fingers. It's a freaking fantastic matte glitter combination with pink, mauve (as in halfway between lilac and lavender, mauve. It seems like the polish makers think mauve is a pinky brown hue but I'm telling you it's a purple with pink undertones; lighter than lavender but darker and more purple than lilac. Wikipedia that shit if you're not buying it.), baby blue and pale green matte glitter. The pink is the only non pearl/satin finish glitter so it stands out giving the polish a bit of a bright kick.
Like most Happy Hands, Motherboy dries pretty bumpy so you need some thick topcoat for a truly smooth and glossy finish. I used two coats for these photos.

Having course every day is getting me in to the habit of painting a full manicure each time I change my polish, which so far has been almost every single day!!! I was getting really lazy and usually only having my swatching fingers on my left hand painted, unless I was going out somewhere special. It's got me using all my untrieds too, woop, woop!

I should be back from camp tonight, hopefully not too tired, with enough spirit to change my polish!!!!



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