Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pretty Serious Blue Gums on Boxing Day & Polish Well Invidia/Envy

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How was everyone's weekend?

I think I just had the last free weekend for some time! Course is just 100% full on, I'm going to be needing to put some serious study hours in.
I bought 600 index cards today to start making flash cards, or I'll never get all the information memorised. It's pretty awesome though, because I can see exactly how it relates to the job I'll be doing in a years time, something I've never had before at uni.

 Today I've got some green glitter layering for y'all:

 Pretty Serious Blue Gums on Boxing Day

Blue Gums on Boxing Day is a green jelly-ish base loaded with cloudy blue fleck shimmer. Absolutely gorgeous! Two coats gives perfect coverage, though the formula could do with a little thinning. The best thing about this green is that it's sort of neutral because the base is yellow toned and the shimmer is cool - BALANCE!

I added a coat of green glitter The Polish Well made in small amounts last year:

The Polish Well Invidia/Envy

 Invidia/Envy contains green, gold and black glitters in a clear base. Some of the larger green hexes do the 'reflective curl' but it's nothing a little SV can't fix. I've had Invidia sitting around waiting to be worn for months, so it's nice to give it an outing. This is just one coat - pretty decent coverage, right?!

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I have lots of photos to edit and so little time, but I will be trying to post them ASAP!


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