Saturday, 23 March 2013

KKcenterHk French Water Decals Review

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Ok, Michaela is having a kind of depressing day. Not only can I not wear nail polish while in clinic, I also have to have short nails! As in Netball short!!!! Waah waah waaahhh!
That's two days a week of naked nails and 100% of the time stubby nails. These animals I'm going to be nursing had better be grateful!!!! :) Just jokes.

Awh, shit; at least I might be able to prevent breaks and splits...

 Anyway, with only one more week of nail freedom I got round to trying out these french tip water decals from KKcenterHk. I'd been putting them off because my nails never seemed long enough to carry them off, but desperate times...

I wanted to do a traditional french mani but my nails are a bit orange (I just got some Orly nail whitener so will be trying it out soon) so I first applied 2 coats of OPI Samoan Sand (my most favourite semi-sheer nude).
Then I added the decals:

 OPI Samoan Sand with KKcenter HK french tip water decals: WDB068

The decals are great, only my nails are fairly small and narrow so there was a lot of excess I had to remove with acetone and scissors. That led to a wee bit of tearing caused by trying to move the decals around while they were too dry, but you couldn't tell unless you examined my nails right in front of your eyes.

Once I slid the decals in to place, I let them dry and painted on some Seche Vite. Once that dried I used some scissors and my cleanup brush to remove all the excess decal around the sides and tip of my nail (it was sort of like nail wrap cleanup using the brush instead of a nail file). With the excess gone, I applied a final coat of Seche Vite, wrapping the tips.

I love the final look, but I wouldn't repurchase these in particular because they are just so large on my nails. I do however recommend these to anyone with long and/or larger nail plates. Luckily KKcenterHk also have skinnier french tip decals too and I can see myself trying those in the future.

These are only $2.82 for 15 decals, so cheap as chips, right?! Here is the direct link. You can use my 10% off coupon NPA10 on any order at KKcenterHk. This icon on my top left sidebar will also take you to their website:

KKcenterHk is also running an Easter promo right now:
Buy 1 product Get 8% off
Buy 3 products Get 12% off
Buy 5 products Get 20% off

Hope your weekends are off to a great start!



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