Thursday, 21 March 2013

Happy Hands Mayonegg

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Oh Happy Hands, your Arrested Development Collection is the gift that keeps giving!!!!


If you don't get that reference you need to get yourself the series DVD pronto.

Happy Hands Mayonegg

 Mayonegg is a white creme with white shimmer flecks and matte yellow hex glitter. This perfectly embodies Anne's or 'her' favourite snack food: a hard boiled egg squirted with packet mayonnaise!!!!
I'm not a fan of the formula. It's thick and streaky and dries pretty bumpy in 2-3 coats. I smoothed it with a layer of both Glitter Gloss and Seche Vite.

It really felt like I had fried eggs on my nails!!!

Hope your week is going well ladies, take care,



  1. Arrested Development is totally awesome! Love that series. And why don't I have this polish?

  2. One of my favorite series. And what a pretty polish!


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