Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Mani feat. Born Pretty Store Striping Tape

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Got a nail art post for you ladies. Thank god for Born Pretty Store sending me nail art supplies for review!!

BPS sent me some white striping tape Item 231 and I put together this simple design:

To create this look I applied 2 coats of Essie Brooch the Subject - my favourite opaque nude/beige - and 1 coat of Seche Vite. The SV just dries it quickly and prevents the striping tape peeling off your base polish later on. I stuck two pieces of tape to each nail creating a french tip, gap and second line. Next I painted 1 thick coat of OPI Roadhouse Blues - my favourite deep indigo/navy creme - over the entire nail.
After I painted each nail blue, I held the tape between my thumb and forefinger and peeled it back, off my nail in a fast and smooth action, similar to waxing!!! That way the polish lines stayed pretty tidy and no polish peeled off that shouldn't have! I finished off with another layer of SV; however I didn't wait quite long enough for the blue to dry and caused some smudging most visible on my ring finger.

The striping tape is pretty awesome! I didn't realise it would have a bit of stretch to it! The stretch allows you to stick the ends closer to the sides of your nail and it also makes placement a bit easier than with regular cellotape.
Striping tape is also incredibly skinny! It's perfect for fine lines, but I do wish they made wider striping tape for fatter lines too.

The next time you buy from Born Pretty Store please use my 10% off coupon code QHL91 and soon BPS will be able to sponsor a giveaway for NPA!!!

Does my tape mani make anyone think, "add one more stripe and we've got adidas" ?



  1. I love how you one make such chic and amazing designs with just a striping tape. x

  2. I absolutely LOVE this mani. It is so simple but so pretty. I love the color combo. It looks amazing!

  3. This is very classy looking.


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