Friday, 29 March 2013

A Good Friday Mini Swatch Spam

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Good Friday to you ladies!

I have some random swatches for you today:

 Cult Nails Fetish

Fetish is a black wax finish from Cult Nails' Two Year Anniversary Collection. That basically means it's a matte finish, perhaps slightly satin-matte? I applied two easy coats, though one thick coat would do if you are pinched for time. I did get a few bumps on my nails which might have to do with the thickness of the polish. I'll try adding a few drops of thinner next time I wear Fetish. Fantastically naughty name, no?

Specialita HITS Mari Moon Unconventional

I've had Unconvential for at least nine months, and have woefully, only worn it twice!!! This multichrome from the Mari Moon inspired collection is magnificent though! What looks like a red-purple duochrome in the bottle actually shifts pink-purple-blue,orange/yellow-red! Here I've layered two coats over Fetish, but you can get away with 3 thin coats alone. The formula is very thick so I recommend thinning it to avid tip shrinkage. It's the perfect subtle multichrome, to ease you in to the trend!!

Nicole by OPI For Gold Time's Sake

 For Gold Time's Sake is a magnificent mix of micro flakes in a sheer antique gold base. It looks to be primarily made up of gold and colour shifting flakes in purple-blue-fuchsia. It is beautiful and intricate and no matter what the lighting, it is a sparkling sensation!!! I applied 3 thin, not quite watery coats for full coverage.

I hope Good Friday is treating you well, have you been munching on chocolate already?!


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