Thursday, 28 March 2013

China Glaze Fancy Pants & Glequins

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Ahoy-hoy all, I got back from camp Tuesday night and am only just recovering! It wasn't like we did a lot; but sleeping on 2 inch thick foam mattresses in old wooden bunks that are built into the cabin didn't make for a peaceful nights sleep!

We got to 'handle' cows, horses and chickens. I certainly need all the practice I can get because  unfortunately I am not as confident or naturally gifted with animals as I would like. The horse was my favourite in the end, though it started out worse than the rest!!! I fumbled around trying to put the Halter on, and was hesitant with picking up his hoof, but once I got that done, we had some wonderful cuddles (well I stroked his neck a lot and he seemed pleased with me!)!

And chickens can be surprisingly well behaved! I thought I was at risk of being attacked by beak and claw but all they did was try to flap their wings (which she couldn't because I had my thumb in the right place!). Smelly buggers though!!! I couldn't get out of the pen fast enough.

Now for the final Avant Garden lacquer I have to show you:

China Glaze Fancy Pants & pink glequins

 This was my first time trying to use loose glitter (or 'glequins') in a manicure. It's not like it's hard to place each hex on the nail, but it is time consuming and I still need to find a better way of gluing them on rather than just using a clear polish, because once they were on the nail they were not at all mobile, thus the wonkiness!!!

I used the pink glitter from a 12 pack of multi-coloured glitters I bought from Born Pretty Store.

China Glaze Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants is a blue toned purple with fabulous fine pink shimmer flecks. The first photo is more colour accurate. The shimmer can be quite subtle indoors or in the shade, but in the sun it shows up to add a little kick! The formula was much nicer than the other two shimmers and you could get away with two coats.
Certainly a favourite purple polish of mine!!!!

Are any of you going away for Easter? I'll probably stay home, but loving my 5 day weekend!!!!!!! So much sleep to catch up on!



  1. Love Fancy Pants and it's pink shimmer. When did sequins become "glequins"? I've not been reading the blogs I follow much lately, so I am out of the loop.

    1. I think The Nailasaurus penned glequins. Sequins to me have always been the ones you sew on to clothes with the hole in the middle and bent sides. I'd just call this loose hex glitter, but glequins just sounds more fun and is shorter to type!!!


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