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The Lady Varnishes: Volume I

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I can't remember how I came across The Lady Varnishes; I must have seen it on Facebook or in a blog post, but either way the Etsy store really captured my imagination (and my wallet).

Each polish is inspired by a film, book or television show so they will no doubt be must haves for fans of the original material.

Back in March I ordered 12 bottles of art and now I'm finally showing them to you! I've broken the swatches in to two posts because that's a lot of photos.
Here is part one:

The Lady Varnishes That's Close Enough

From the You Have No Power Over Me Collection (based on Labyrinth), That's Close Enough is a periwinkle/purple leaning blue jelly with red micro-glitter, fine blue glitter and iridescent hexes. It's very dreamy! I applied 2-3 thin coats and finished it off with one layer of Jordana Quick Shine top coat.

The Lady Varnishes Frozen In Carbonite

 Frozen In Carbonite comes from the You're My Only Hope Collection (based on Star Wars). It's described as a "charcoal brown" base, loaded with silver shimmer and some very fine holo or iridescent glitter. I see it as a melted milk chocolate dream :) These photos do not show of the sparkle but in real life you do see some. This was 2 thin coats - it is very opaque.

The Lady Varnishes It's Not Fair

 It's Not Fair is also from the You Have No Power Over Me Collection. It has a muted blue-grey milky base with pink, copper and blue metallic hexes, as well as fine purple iridescent glitter that sort of glows. The hex glitter curls a teensy bit as the edges, but it didn't really bother me. I topped 2 coats with one layer of Jordana Quick Shine, but one coat of Seche Vite would have smoothed it completly.

The Lady Varnishes Lissa Anne

 Lissa Anne comes from The Lady's Ladies Collection. This collection is inspired by women the maker actually knows. I LA is inspired by her own sister. It's a beautiful deep green jelly with copper holo micro-glitter. Simple, yet beautiful. I could see both blue and yellow undertones in this polish so I think it'll suit most people. I think this was two coats and again I used one coat of Jordana Quick Shine to top it off.

 The Lady Varnishes Silly Butterfly

 How She Sparkles is a collection with so many glittering beauties, Silly Butterfly is just one of them! A deep violet purple with large flecks of shimmer, purple micro-glitter and blue and lavender satin matte hexes in varying sizes; it is seriously packed with glitter!!! The shimmer flecks are my favourite part of SB! I applied 2-3 coats and one layer of Seche Vite because it dries a little rougher than the others.

Ok, you can see how beautiful all of these polishes are. The only problem I have with them is the formula. Except for Lissa Anne, they are all soooooooooo thick!! Like I actually thinned them repeatedly (with lots and lots of drops of thinner).
It's not the worst thing to have happen with a polish, but it does slow down the application. Once I thinned them they were still pretty thick and very opaque so two coats was truly enough for full coverage. But if you do have issues with thick formulations do not buy these... that's all I'll say.
The dry time is fantastic though, none of the issues thick formulas usually have and I didn't have any issues with air bubbles etc.

All of The Lady Varnishes' polishes can come in a variety of scents. I'm not a fan so I chose to have all of mine unscented but for those of you who like a whiff to your polish - go crazy!
Every bottle comes with a charm too and every order with a necklace chain for you to wear the charms on. Very cutesy - but again, not my thing. Still for $8.50/bottle it's a good deal.

The Lady Varnishes lacquers are available on Etsy

What are your thoughts on these? Ready for more tomorrow?


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