Friday, 14 June 2013

The Lady Varnishes: Volume II

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Hey all, how have your weeks gone?
I'm back with part two of my The Lady Varnishes swatches. I've kept some of the best for last, enjoy them after the jump!

The Lady Varnishes Cammy Lou

 Cammy Lou is a very pale pink with medium pink speckle/flake type glitter (perhaps there is iridescent stuff in there too), and sterling silver flakes. It is beyond awesome!! It reminds me of granite kitchen counter tops - that's a compliment FYI. So pretty!!!!! I used two coats and a layer of Jordana Quick Shine topcoat.

 The Lady Varnishes Captain Wentworth: The Second Chance Romancer

Captain Wentworth is one of my favourite Austen characters. Who am I kidding? I love all Austen's heroes and heroines. As a lacquer, I'm not so sure how I feel about this one though. It's a very dark blue (with somewhat teal undertones), jelly with copper flecks and copper hex glitter. I used two coats for full coverage and one layer of Jordana Quick Shine topcoat. Maybe if I'd used a thicker topcoat I'd like the look of this more?

The Lady Varnishes Thistle-Down

Thistle-Down is from the Magicians & Mirrors Collection inspired by a book series I've never heard of called "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell". It's a shimmery off-white with green fleck shimmer. I needed three coats of this one because it applied a little unevenly. In person the shimmer is way more obvious, my lightbox/camera just sucks is all! I have discovered I have a huge weakness for shimmery white polishes, so TD is definitely a keeper.

The Lady Varnishes Oubliette

Oubliette is sooooo beautiful! It's another beaut from the You Have No Power Over Me Collection; a black jelly with predominantly glowy blue (you also see some green and purple) and orange glitter. God knows I love a glowy glitter!!!!!! I used two coats and one layer of Seche Vite because it dries a little  textured.

The Lady Varnishes Always Dreaming

Always Dreaming is a beautiful creamy pastel violet with matte pink, blue, lilac and white hex glitter as well as large flecks of shimmer. This one is a lot like Silly Butterfly in terms of formula - glitter/shimmer packed so the application is a wee bit tricky. I used two-three coats to get it looking even and then used one layer of Glitter Gloss to smooth it all out. It is terribly pretty and girly, right?!!!!

So I obviously love all these, but again I had an issue with the thick formulas. All of these needed thinner besides CW. The worst was AD because of all the glitter, but it they looked great with a little top coat and careful application.

You can get your hands on these lacquers at The Lady Varnishes Etsy store for USD$8.50.


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