Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cult Nails In The Garden Wax Finish Swatches

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I picked up the In The Garden Collection from Cult Nails during the pre-sale event when it was 20% off. I really only wanted the pink matte (or 'wax') finish lacquers, but I thought I might as well try the lot since it was better value.

Ay, Poppy! is a great glossy orange, but I don't really need another so I'll probably sell/swap it; and You're My Dandy Lion looked horrid next to my skin so I've already sold it LOL!
But the pinks are pretty great; I love the colours. My camera really struggled to focus on these mattes; so the photos aren't great, but please bare with me because you're gonna love these too!

Cult Nails Let's Get Dirty

Let's Get Dirty is a lightly pink toned taupe/putty matte with a soft shimmer. In my opinion, LGD is the best of the three. It applies quite smoothly (after I had a couple drops of thinner), reaching full coverage in two coats. I recommend thin coats and to avoid dragging; allow each layer to dry before adding the next. As a matte, they dry pretty quickly.
The shimmer is soooooooooooooo gorgeous. It just adds that bit of sheen matte finishes benefit from.

Cult Nails Kiss My Rosebush

Kiss My Rosebush is a bit of a saucy name, no?!! It's a pretty muted pink that reminds me of OPI Sparrow Me The Drama. There is a really subtle shimmer to the formula but you really can't see it on the nail. I wish you could!!!! I also found KMR to have the most difficult formula. It's opaque in two coats, but also really thick and streaky/uneven, so I ended up using a heavy fourth coat to try and fix it. I did add some thinner but it didn't change much. Pity, but it doesn't put me off, I just love the wax finish in the dusty pink.

Cult Nails Morning Glory

 Morning Glory is a dark fuchsia matte, verging on red-violet. A beautiful shade. The formula was a little thick too so I added a few drops of Seche Restore then applied three coats. It's opaque in one, but I just couldn't get it even enough for my liking. I immediately thought it was a dupe for Illamasqua Kink, but upon comparing the bottles I was happy to find MG is a few shades lighter! I do wish there was a hint of shimmer in this one too, but ho hum...

Bottle Comparison: Illamasqua Kink vs Cult Nails Morning Glory

These are touted as a 'wax' finish lacquers and I can kind of see that. But they're really just plain matte. They do not look satin-y or rubbery to my eyes.

This review might not seem favourable but I do adore these Cults, despite the formulation flaws - all mattes are a bitch to apply, right? Just buff your nails before you apply them because they really highlight your ridges.

What's your stance on the matte finish? Yay, or nay?


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  1. i like the wax finish she has created, but not in these colors. i loved it when i saw it in the black she put out a few months ago, and was super stoked she came out with a wax top coat (which i just bought yesterday!) - so im glad i can now achieve this look with polishes that have better application. i do like the colors in this line, but i have read alot that the pinks were a bit hard to apply.


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