Monday, 3 June 2013

Erratic Much? And How to Follow NPA now that GFC is going bye, bye

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Hey loyal ladies!

My blogging has been a little all over the the place of late, to say the least.
I'm not managing to stick to my New Year's Resolution of blogging regularly and often am I? The thing is I've been swatching quite a bit but I'm so lackluster editing and typing up posts!
The truth is my nails are in pretty poor condition; I've not been eating right and I'm mega stressed out, so it's really taking its toll on my poor nailsies!

Enough with excuses!
Henceforth, I shall work harder at being motivated to blog/edit. I shall watch bugger all TV as it distracts me GREATLY!!!!!

Now on to the 'following' options now GFC is going bye-byes :( On the right hand sidebar you'll find a whole lot of different ways to stay up to date with NPA. Below are the names I use on each network:

Bloglovin' - Nail Polish Anon (under URL

Google + - Michaela Thompson

Networked Blogs - Nail Polish Anonymous (it runs through facebook)

Facebook - Nail Polish Anon

Pinterest - Michaela Thompson (you can just follow the Nail Polish Anon board)

Instagram - nailpolishanon (I barely ever use this, but one day I'll sort myself out and update it with every new post!)

Email - each new post will go to your chosen email address

I hope one of these ways works for you!!!!


  1. Have you seen that GFC is going away? I know Google Reader is/did, but I haven't heard that GFC is yet....?

    1. Oh I thought it was both, but I could very well be mistaken.... sorry

    2. No, as of now, not GFC :) So that's good news....for now, that is ;)


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