Sunday, 9 June 2013

N. Nail Circle Glitter from KKCenterHk

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I have a true love for nudes, beige and neutrals. There's something classic about these tones on me and I always feel chic when I wear them.

So when KKCenterHk asked if I'd like to review some of their new circle glitter I chose the shade 'bisque'.

N.NAIL 2.5mm Circle Glitter-Pink Bisque

I really love the shade, but the glitter has a non-sparkly finish so I do not think it is the best choice for nail art.  You can judge for yourself though :)

I didn't really know what to do with the circles! I do not pretend to be a nail artist so the best way I knew to show off the glitter, was to just cover my nails in it!!! I started with a base of OPI Glints of Glinda then placed the circles in horizontal lines covering my ring and pinkie nails. The pinkie looks good but I thought the ring nail was a bit patchy so added a couple of glitters to the right side (out of line) and that made it look crowded and messy :(
I finished the mani off with some holo stamping on my middle and index finger nails. I used Color Club Cosmic Fate and the NC02 plate from Nailz Craze

The pieces of glitter were really easy to stick on. I used a nail art pencil to place each one into a tacky coat of my base colour. They felt pretty secure, so I doubt they'd fall off easily.

There are like 36 colours to choose from. Lots are sparkly and have that iridescent coating on them so you get a multi-coloured effect. For USD$8 you get a small, deep pottle of glitter.

For 10% off your next order from KKCenterHk use my readers coupon code NPA10.


You can always find the code on my left hand side bar too.

Are you in to the circle glitter craze that swept the indie polish maker's market this year?


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