Friday, 28 June 2013

piCture pOlish Revolution

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It's Friday, HOORAY! But, I'm also a little sad because that means it's also time for my last PP Review for a while :(

Remember last week I showed you the new glitter bomb PP blogger? Well PP have brought out their own glitter base coat too. I used Revolution as my base for blogger so this week I can show you how it works!

 Some disturbing naked, stained nails feature in this post! If you are likely to be offended do not scroll down, lol.

picture pOlish Revolution
 Revolution is a watery, milk like base coat that dries to a clear shiny finish. You should apply two thin coats to clean, bare nails. It is seriously watery so you don't need much on your brush. It dries very quickly so once you finished coat 1, you can get straight to painting coat 2.
Now you're ready for the GLITTER!!!

piCture pOlish Blogger over Revolution Glitter Base
I applied two coats of blogger and one coat of Aqua Daisy Glitter Gloss top coat. Glitter Gloss is pretty thick so I thought it'd make the removal process a bit harder.
Now to see if Revolution works!

piCture pOlish Revolution glitter removal process
Step 1) Soak a cotton pad with nail polish remover (I used an acetone formula). Cover nail with pad and hold for 15 seconds
Step 2) Apply more nail polish remover to the pad, cover the nail and rub firmly to remove polish. I remove my polish from base to tip by using my thumb to hold the cotton pad to the nail and applying pressure while I swipe from base to tip. I took about 3 swipes to remove the polish from most nails. Then there were maybe a few bits of stray glitter I took a swipe at.
Step 3) Continue the process for every nail. Then give your nails a good wash with soapy water to get rid of the glitter that has migrated to your fingers and is trying to hide around your cuticles, and the polish remover too.
Now you'll have glitter free nails without too much hassle!

Naked nails after glitter removal using Revolution

I was really happy with Revolution. I'm not used to glitter coming off so cleanly without soaking them in acetone for minutes at a time. I really counted to 15 mississippi while I soak each nail and it was enough for the glitter to 'slide' off with just some firm scrubs/swipes. I actually prefer this method to the peel off base coats because I always damage my nails trying to peel the polish off.

And apparently Revolution makes a good top coat for foil manicures (which are known to wrinkle with conventional top coats).

Revolution is currently sold out on the Picture Polish site, but they have many Network Partners that might have it in stock.

Is there any particular method for glitter removal that you swear by? I'd love to hear your secret to removing glitters. Let me and the readers know in the comments!


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