Monday, 17 June 2013

Zoya Rekha & Red Creme Comparison

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I seem to be loving everything I'm trying at the moment and Rekha is no exception!
All I have to say is this,
"Imagine the ultimate red creme, true, neutral, flattering to all, now get out your wallets and head to your closest Zoya seller!"

Zoya Rekha

 Rehka is a neutral, classic red creme. It must be universally flattering! I think it's said to have blue undertones but I see yellow too. In these photos it comes off a bit more tomato looking and it really suited me so I think it has to be neutral...
Application was nice, two thin coats covered well but I might have done with a third. It could just be the camera but I think it looks a little lighter around my cuticles?

I know reds are hard to judge based on swatches, so I did a comparison between two of my other plain red cremes to give you (and me!) an idea of where Rekha sits.

Red Creme Comparison: Zoya Rekha, Cult Nails Quench & OPI Keys To My Karma 

Index: OPI Keys to my Karma - maraschino cherry red creme, three coats; it is lighter and brighter, quite pink until full coverage reached
Middle & Pinkie: Zoya Rekha
Ring: Cult Nails Quench - deep red/blood creme, two coats; much darker/deeper and with cooler undertones.



  1. Great comparison post; lovely swatches! :) New follower!

    1. Thank you A Polished Touch, welcome to NPA!!!!!

  2. é lindo mesmo
    Tenha um ótimo dia
    e uma excelente semana!!!
    Bjão ✿◠‿◠)✿

  3. That red looks so vintage and looks so classic. Very pretty.


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