Monday, 5 December 2011

It's a really nice CULT mum, I promise

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Good Monday Ladies,

A few months back, I placed my 1st ever Cult Nails order. I think I bought 5 - (Always Winning went straight to live in 'future giveaway land'), and I've managed to photograph a couple of them for you. Sorry about my hangnail and cuticles- couldn't find the nippers!

Iconic - natural light

Iconic - sunlight

Iconic - sunlight

Iconic is a pinky maroon strewn with gold shimmer and flakies! The flakes look like they might be gold because they shine kind of orangey most of the time. I really like this one, it's a grown up colour but with flakes for a bit of zing! Definitely love how the flakies look in a non-jelly base. I think this was 2 coats. The formula is ok, a bit thin for my liking - it pooled a little at the cuticles.

My Kind of Cool Aid - sunlight

My Kind of Cool Aid - sunlight

My Kind of Cool Aid is a greyed almost pastel lavender/mauve with pearl coloured shimmer. Very pretty. I used 3 coats, but I think if I was used to the thinner formula, I could have got it done in 2. I'm always a bit useless the first time I try a new brand/brush. Once I know what to expect, I develop a method of application!

Let Me Fly - sunlight

Let Me Fly - shade

Let Me Fly is such a stunner! It's a dusty blue/teal (sort of a cross between cerulean blue and teal) with fine glass fleck silver flakie shimmer. The formula was thin but really colour rich so it only needed 2 coats. It dries to a high gloss finish too - how awesome is that?!

I also got Cruisin' Nude, (which looks gorgeous too) but turns out, it's the worst ever beige for my colouring, I think it'll give me corpse hands. I haven't actually tried it yet - it may end up in a giveaway or as a present for someone with cooler colouring.

I'm super excited for more of Maria's polishes. My 2nd order (the Super Powers collection) is currently somewhere between Florida and Auckland; I hope it makes its way to my letter box this week!

You can purchase Cult Nails polish from their website here or from Overall Beauty.

Til tomorrow,


  1. I am not such a fan of these-but did get 4 Cult Nails polish to try and really like them! Your title is funny!!! Very cool!

  2. Ha! Love your title! And I'm really loving Iconic : )

  3. Yeah iconic is pretty, i want Maria to make it in more colours!


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