Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Eve Nail Art

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's 12.41am so only a few more hours til I open my prezzies!
Before I fall asleep, here are the manicures I gave my Mum & Aunt yesterday:

Christmas Pud - artificial lighting

Christmas Pud - artificial lighting

Mum got some xmas puds inspired by Sam of the Nailasaurus' post *here*. Some nails turned out better than others but from a short distance they all looked really cute & perfect. Didn't do any clean up on her nails though, woops.

Santa's Suit - artificial lighting

Santa's Suit - artificial lighting

I gave my Aunty Santa Suit nails. I used a combo of dotting tools and brushes; the ones that I made a little messier were better truth be told!!! Again, these looked very good from a few feet away!

So xmas eve was very successful indeed!

Hope you like. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!
Hope Santa is kind to you.


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  1. i love these! this might sound like a dumb question, but what's christmas pud? i've never heard that before.


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