Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Don't Blink - you won't want to miss this

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Merry Christmas!

Just 5 more sleeps til Santa comes down that chimney and gives you presents!!!!

Nerd Lacquer is another franken label selling off Etsy that I've gone crazy over lately. Amanda's polishes are so professional looking too. The packaging is awesome. Check it out *here*

I recently got two mini quads (so 8 5mL polishes) from Nerd Lacquer so there will be lots of swatches coming up for you to drool over. Today I have Don't Blink to show you.

Don't Blink - lamp

Don't Blink - lamp

Sorry about the lack of clean-up. Was feeling a bit grumpy when I was swatching! My cuticles look absolutely disgusting! Mainly because when I get Seche Vite on them it dries the crap out of them!!! Good news is I finally got my hands on some acetone so it's more likely I be cleaning up the cutes in the future :)

So Don't Blink is a pale grey creme base with dark grey/black and white & possibly silver micro glitter + medium & large white hex glitter. I love it! This is as close as I've got to Lynderella's Snow Angel so I'm happy as can be! It actually looks a lot like a bitterly overcast sky! Or dirty snow sludge. This was only 2 coats so really good coverage & I had no probs with application. The glitter doesn't sink & it's not hard to get the hexes on to the nail. Pretty much a 5 star polish. I just wish I'd gotten a full size bottle.

What do you think of Don't Blink? Do you have any Nerd Lacquers I need to check out?


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