Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Epic Polish Wins of 2011 - FLAKIES

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The flakie trend kind of took off this year - yay for mainstream! Way easier to get my hands on. As you can imagine, this list of epics wins is really long! And some of the photos kind of suck.

Buddha-ful - lamp

Buddha-ful - lamp

Barielle Budha-ful is a predominantly green, yellow & blue/purple flakie set in a sheer, milky, pink base. It looks great layered over the cremes from the Karma Collection.

Lambada: 1 coat over black  - lamp

Lambada: 2 coats over black  - lamp

Hits Lambada from the Mundo de Dancas collection is an explosion of multicoloured flakies in a clear base. Must Have.

Twist - lamp

Twist - lamp

Hits Twist, actually their whole Mundo de Dancas collection is an epic win, but this one is seriously awesome. Dark blue jelly with sea green + cyan flakes. I can't stand it.

Fowl Play - sunlight

Fowl Play - indoors

Orly Fowl Play, yes the OPI Merry Midnight dupe - but accessible as hell!!!! I think the release of this polish had to have netted Orly millions of converts. Why is it that OPI won't rerelease it's most popular limited edition polishes? They're just mean is what it is!!!

Clairvoyant: 1 coat over OPI Blue My Mind - artificial light

Cult Nails Clairvoyant (aka Unicorn Puke) is a mess of purple, pink, green, blue & yellow sparkling flakies in a purple tinted jelly base. Polish-gasmic!

Which flakies are crazy for?



  1. I really am loving the flakies-didn't think I would-but I do!!

  2. Mmm, love flakies so much! This year I bought Fowl Play, Clairvoyant, Nfu Oh 51. and Nfu Oh 39. Plus I just ordered Lambada…


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