Sunday, 11 December 2011

My Black Knight

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Hey guys,

How were your weekends?
I'm super tired because one of the dogs kept me up late crying about being in his crate. Then he woke me up at 4 or 5am so I took him outside, went back to sleep only to have him wake me up again at 6.30am to play. By 8am I got back to sleep and didn't have to get up til 10.30, but still I wanted to get into bed at 4pm and sleep til morn!!!
How can something so little has so much power?!!! I'm thinking kids might NOT be in my future, haha.

I found Butter London The Black Knight at Farmers last week (the last bottle left and someone had tested it judging by the broken seal and glitter on the neck :( ) and snapped it up quick, fast!!!!!!!

The Black Knight - sunlight

The Black Knight - shade

The Black Knight - lamp

I love love love this polish - horrible formula IMO, but amazing to look at!
The Black Knight has a black base (NOT jelly) and is filled with silver/gold (can't tell which but it is prob gold, might be both?) micro glitter, and small pink, blue & red glitter. It dries matte and gritty :( I used 3 coats in this photo but 2 was probably enough opacity wise. I just think 3 gives more depth & intensity to the glitteriness!! The formula was a pain in the butt to spread out evenly. It was just a case of too much glitter, not enough base - too dry. I think BL ought to have made the base jelly like, could have solved the problem. Anyway after 2 coats of Seche Vite it was smooth and shiny & well worth the effort.

This looks fantastic in the sun, in the dark, & indoors. You can't stop staring at your super cool nails!

Removal is not fun!! I'd use foil method if I were you.



  1. Oooh this is a nice color, too bad about the formula. Do you think it dried out a bit from the testing? I've never thinned a nail polish successfully, but maybe that would help? I love all that glitter though.

  2. could be right, but I think i've seen negative reviews about the formula. truth be told it probably isn't so bad for a glitter, but I've been spoilt by some nice jelly based ones lately!!!


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