Sunday, 18 December 2011

Feeling Royal-ly Chic?

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Hello ladies,

Yes, I am feeling in a big way; Royally Chic. Why? Because Royal Chic by Glitrix is AMAZING.
Imagine Zoya Valerie or Jem as a glitter... can you picture it? No? Well now you don't have to, because I have a photo right here.

Royal Chic - lamp

Royal Chic - natural light

Royal Chic - sunlight

Royal Chic - lamp
Royal Chic is a royal purple filled with a fuchsia shimmer, yellow gold & fuchsia/purple glitter. It is incredibly opaque. I used 2 coats for the photos and most nails really only needed 1 for full coverage. The glitter likes to sink to the bottom but there is so much in the bottle that you don't have to shake it much. The more you shake the more intense the glitter is, so you can control the sparkle factor. Good dry time & not too gritty. I believe this was only 1 layer of Seche Vite. The first pic is a bit blurry but it shows the pretty shimmer in the base :)

This is the polish that prompted me to place an order. I'm very glad it lived up to expectations.

You can purchase Royal Chic & other Glix polish from the Glitrix Etsy Store

Hope all your weekends were wonderful



  1. Love this color, rich and beautiful!

    BTW, I tagged you with a badge. If you like, you can pick it up at BTW I tagged you with a badge. If you're interested you can get it at

  2. Thanks Kaki that's so nice of you - will have to get my a in to g and pick it up!


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