Monday, 3 December 2012

Ozotic Scatter Chrome 912 Swatch & Review

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Picture Polish kindly sent me some of their newest creations to review. I'll be posting them over the month of December.
Today I have 912, 1 of 4 polishes from the Scatter Chrome collection: (sorry about the quality of the photos, my camera hates chromes, they always look hazy).
NB - I'm holding Ozotic Beam 907 in the photos below.

Ozotic 912





 912 is a purple - gold duochrome with scattered holographic effect. The colour shift is really pretty (Mum approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*), from purple - fuchsia/pink - russet - green/gold. It's really hard to capture all the different colours you see in person, but you definitely get more than the dominant purple and gold.
 The holo shards looks killer in direct light, adding a rainbow of sparkle to the ever changing duochrome.

China Glaze No Plain Jane is a dupe, except for the scattered holo shards. The formula and pigmentation of Ozotic 912 is superior though. Two coats provide a good depth and coverage. The formula is on the thicker side and the brush is fairly wide and soft.

*Mum was a bit miffed looking when the courier man arrived (assuming I had bought even more!!!), but when I explained it had been sent for review and she laid her eyes on 912, she was genuinely excited!!!!! She tried it on immediately (soft spot for purples you see!)

Kiwis can buy 912 and other Ozotic and Picture Polish lacquers from NZ Reseller Gracie Lou for $15.50 each.

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