Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas with Dollish Polish

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I couldn't resist picking up a couple of Dolly's Christmas collection this year. Last year she released 3 top coats that I wasn't too keen on at the time, but this year she tinkered with them and added a gorgeous red and green base to the A Christmas Story inspired set and "I was in like Flynn"!

I picked up the green, red and the snowflake glitter top coat because I really couldn't pass it by, even though I knew the snowflakes would be too big for my nails!!!

Dollish Polish I Can't Put My Arms Down!



I Can't Put My Arms Down! is a scarlet/vermillion red with fine orange looking glitter. The glitter could well be red too but it glows like orange embers to my eye! I'm head over heels for it! I feel like orange toned reds suit me more than blue reds and Christmas is usually all about the cooler ones, so I'm loving the firey warmth ICPMAD has! I'm wearing 3 coats with 1 layer of SV in these pics, but 2 coats gave good coverage. The formula was a lot thinner than what I'm used to with Dollish Polish lacquers and I welcome it whole heartedly!!! Application was easy peasy.

Dollish Polish Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine



Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine is an emerald green shimmer with matching flakies. The polish came out a bit bluer than it is in person, but the micro shimmer intimates the golden green tones that are also present. It's not the kind of green I associate with Christmas, but it turned out to be pretty gorgeous! You're looking at 2 coats with 1 layer of SV. It had a pretty thin formula and I had to watch how much polish was on the brush or I was at risk of cuticle pooling, but once I had that down it applied effortlessly.
I can see this being a great base for mermaid-esque manis too, thanks to the sea green look it has.

Dollish Polish You'll Shoot Yer' Eye Out Kid over Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine



You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid is full of iridescent glitters in various shapes and sizes and most excitingly white snowflakes!!! I layered it over BSTDYO, so you don't get as strong an effect from the iridescent glitters (they'd stand out better over a darker base) but the blue and green shades they take on are very complimentary. Before you ask; the snowflakes were a bitch of a bitch to fish out! I think this was mainly because there were so few in the bottle. That was a little disappointing to be honest, it wouldn't take more than maybe 2 manis with a snowflake on every finger to use them all up. I think there should be plenty in there, even if they sink so that you can fish them out if you so desire. I hope I can find more of these confetti snowflakes to add to my bottle. The formula is quick thick (like plain suspension base) and you get a good concentration of iridescent glitters in 1 coat. My nails are narrow so the snowflakes don't sit flat and I used a couple of layers of Glitter Gloss and SV on the problems spots to try and remedy the sticky-outy-ness :) 

Looks pretty awesome right?
Dollish Polish is available here, Overall Beauty and Llarowe

Merry Christmas everyone, I can't wait to open presents in the morning!!!!



  1. Wow, for the cost of the polishes you would think they could put more of the featured glitters in there. What a bummer. I for one will not be purchasing that one. I would rather buy a drugstore polish and make my own glitters lol....or buy some stickers. Anything would be better than wasting time trying to fish them out.

    1. The more I look at that green polish the more I know I could do my own. I have some flakie glitter polishes that would mimic the flakies in that polish...just add the flakies on top of a pale green and viola! Pffft lol.


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