Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Battle #6: Stripes vs Dots

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I thought candy cane nails would be a great way to incorporate Christmas in to this challenge, so I'm Team Stripes! (Though in reality I'm more drawn to polka dots!!!)

BM207 stripes over BB Couture Santa's Sak



I'm wearing BB Couture for Men in Santa's Sak (from one of their Christmas Collections) and I stamped it using Konad Special White Polish and plate BM 207.
I prefer the orientation of the design on my index and middle nails, the other way round looks a bit munted on my short nails, the stripes are too close together.

The stamping looks pretty terrible, it was a hot day and I just couldn't get a clean transfer!!! I hate that about the Konad Special Polishes!!! Maybe it happens with other brands too, must see if chromes behave the same way when stamping in the heat?

So even though this Battle wasn't a high point, I still enjoyed having candy cane nails. I got my only candy canes this year from my Polish Elf too, so this design feels incredibly apropos!!

Not sure if I'll attempt the polka dots too... we'll see.

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It's closing in on New Year's Eve now, what are your plans... for your nails, that is?


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