Saturday, 18 June 2011

Konad Master, sort of...

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M57 in black special polish over Orly Solid Gold (flash)
 My Konad Special Polish in black and white arrived a few days ago and OMFG it has restored my faith in Konad stamping!

Along with the polishes I got two image plates m57 and m83 (the newest). On m57 is a leopard print so I searched my polish stash for a leopard coloured base coat. The best I could come up with was Orly Solid Gold from the Metal Chic collection - a matte polish with a really great formula that doesn't dry before it hits the nail!

After I painted 2-3 coats as a base I stamped on the leopard print using the black special polish. It was my first time stamping a whole hand so I mucked up a few, but the thumb and middle finger turned out quite well. I finished it of with a coat of Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine. My mum thought it would look awesome on someone also wearing animal print clothes - I say NAY! But you never know I'm sure those super confident fashion type ladies could pull it off. I just think it's kinda cute, can't wait to try the zebra print next!

Are you guys fans of the animal print trend? Cos while I like this look I knew a (obese) girl who wore a tacky satin type leopard print halter dress every time she went out on the pull (she might as well have sold it on the street the way she acted) so I'm always very cautious of animal print clothing - I have a fear that I'll just look trashy in it like her!!!! Sorry for the hating, all the guys would ask if the cheetah was coming out tonight and not in a nice way...

Close up of thumb

I also tried out a more subtle look with my konad white polish just adding an accent to my manicure of China Glaze Pelican Grey. I stamped the netting/dot pattern from m79 with the white special polish just on my ring fingers and I think it turned out ultra wearable and felt a bit more adult than some of my other stamping attempts.

Pelican Grey with m79 stamp in white (flash)

I also "swatched" the different patterns on m83 because I'm in love with most of them - I only missed out the winking cat cos I'm really not feeling it!!! Here they are in white special polish over OPI Espresso Yourself

I flipped the pic so you could see the stamps right way up!
I love the 3 full nail patterns especially the - what I call fern pattern - the 70s wallpaper style print and what looks like heart topped grass! The bird and hearts are very cute too, while I feel the flowers are so-so.

I will keep konading like crazy so look forward to a lot more photo heavy posts in the future!

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